puzzle hunt 24-1:
a circular chemical plant

Wokke has had a fever dream in which he imagined a fully circular plant. In the middle of the night, he woke up to scribble down a detailed map of the site. Unfortunately, the pen he used to draw the pipeline was not working, but there is hope as some elements of the sketch have survived.

“I remember that I made this plant based on two types of reactors, white and black circles on the sketch. And this whole plant is one continues pipeline that meets front to end with many turns, but no branching. Just one path.

The reactors represented by a black circle, are turning points in the pipe. Thereon, the line makes a 90-degree turn. In this 8×8 grid, that leaves little choice for the bottom right reactor as you see – it has to move both left and up, as otherwise it would exceed the grid.

Oh, and the white circles were similar. The pipe turns either one grid cell after passing straight through the dot, or before. Or both of course, but in all cases, it passes straight through the dot. You can see that the bottom-most white reactor has to turn at the left edge of the grid and can only pass straight through horizontally.”

Can you help Wokke out to draw the full pipeline?

Erratum: multiple solutions are possible due to an oversight. You can find the next puzzle at https://www.masterwatertechnology.nl/masyu8
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