You disagree with the decision about your admission, can i appeal?

When you disagree with the decision about your admission to the master Water Technology, you may submit an appeal. You can follow the procedure stated underneath.

Step 1:
Get in touch with the Admissions Office through this contact form. Indicate that you do not agree with the decision and ask for an explanation.

Step 2:
The Admissions Office will reply and will refer you to the admission committee of the master Water Technology if necessary. If you are unable to reach a solution within 3 to 4 weeks, you may consider to start a formal procedure to submit an appeal.

Step 3:
You have to submit your formal appeal within 6 weeks after the initial decision about your admission was made. Visit this webpage for more information about submitting an appeal.

Please note: the appeal period is not suspended during steps 1 and 2!

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