After your graduation you can either start working for a company or continue your career as a PhD. student. About 40% of our graduated students chose for a PhD (either at Wetsus or a university of their choice), the other 60% choses for a company (national or international). Below you will find some examples of companies where our graduates found a job:

Netherlands Water Partnership

Career and job advice

If you want to stay and work in the Netherlands you will need good career advice and information on how to find a job. The challenge of finding a job work in a country that is not your own lies in getting a grip on the unknown subtleties of the application process.
On the following page you will find more information about:

– Key sectors in the Netherlands
– Dutch business culture
– How to start your job search
– Your salary
– Starting your own company
– Practicalities like rules and regulations for highly skilled migrants

Dhyana Bharath, PhD

“Apart from the fact that the existence of water is what made the existence of life on earth possible. I am also fascinated by its physical and chemical properties and how much of interdisciplinary fields are dependent on it.”

Dhyana Bharath is currently doing her PhD at Wetsus as part of the research theme Groundwater Technology.

Dhyana Bharath, PhD

Gintaras Daubaras, alumnus

“A degree in Water Technology can take you all over the world. Wetsus has a lot of partners, both in business and research, which is great for networking opportunities. And of course the Netherlands is a leader when it comes to water technology and innovation.”

Gintaras is  working as a Field Service Engineer at the moment.

Gintaras Daubaras, alumnus
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