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“A degree in Water Technology can take you all over the world. Wetsus has a lot of partners, both in business and research, which is great for networking opportunities. And of course the Netherlands is a leader when it comes to water technology and innovation.”

Combining research and practice

“The program is really broad and teaches you all sorts of skills, not just doing research but also the practical skills necessary for any job after your studies. I am working as a Field Service Engineer at the moment. This is a job which requires a practical mind set. Wetsus prepared me for both options: research and practice. You also acquire a lot of skills that come in handy in everyday life as well, like working in a team and being able to work with and adapt to people from other cultures. During the masters you do a four month internship, which is a perfect chance to get acquainted with companies in the field. That’s actually how I landed my first job.”


“Wetsus Academy is small-scaled and draws lots of international students. The staff here is also very helpful: when I first moved to the Netherlands they helped me out with everything, from arranging an apartment to familiarizing me with the city and the study program. Everyone at Wetsus is very approachable. During the course of the program you work together a lot with PhD students and the teachers and staff are also very friendly. They really want you to learn.”

Work experience

As an engineer in a Service Team in Voltea, I’m responsible for installation and commissioning of Capacitive De-ionization (CapDI) industrial systems. Before system leaves the building, I play a role in a quality control of manufactured systems. After installation I’m involved in monitoring and data analysis of CapDI performance. I also track failures in the field and work with design engineer to eliminate them.

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